Jungle Book, Cub Scout Day Camp

Jungle Book

The 2016 version of the Jungle Book is on Netflix right now, so you may want to watch it as a family. I am suggesting this because many aspects of the Cub Scout program are based on Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book (e.g. calling your helpful adult Akela). If you watch it, I think you’ll see how the story has influenced Cub Scouts, especially the Wolf Den.

Cub Scout Day Camp: “Bug Hunters”

The Potomac District holds Cub Scout Day Camp each year somewhere nearby. This year camp will be June 19-23 at Lois Green – Sligo Izaak Walton League, Gaithersburg. Activities might include archery, BB guns, crafts, fishing, nature, scout skills, sports, and STEM.

This camp is run by volunteers, and the pack has to provide 2 adults each day for each group of 10 scouts. I am asking early to gauge interest, and to find out if we have any teachers or parents/grandparents with increased availability in the summer. The fee starts out at $190 if paid by April 23rd, and registration is done at the pack level. Please let me know if you are interested and/or able to volunteer.

Personally, I could cover a day or two, but this requirement makes attending the camp tough. Sometimes it’s quite a task to cover the 5 days with enough parents.

More Fun with Codes at Home

I hope the kids enjoyed working with the pigpen codes last night. You can download the sheet we used last night here. My son made his coded message “THESE ARE ALL EMBARRASSING,” so dad-mission accomplished.

If you want to try out a simpler code that younger kids will grasp, start with a simple letter-number substitution cipher. Each letter is assigned a number in order:

So to code “DO YOUR BEST” would be “4-15 25-15-21-18 2-5-19-20.”

You can create or solve this type of cipher online using this link.

Blue and Gold Banquet, Pinewood Derby

 Blue and Gold Banquet

The Blue and Gold Banquet date has been changed to Friday, February 17th. We will begin setup at 6pm and the event will officially start at 7pm. The pack has decided to provide full catering and dessert, so our only job as a den is to decorate our tables and impress everyone.

I have painted papier-mâché boxes for each scout and we will finish decorating them at a Den Meeting. It has the Wolf badge on top and my hope is that it will serve as a reminder in years to come of your year as a Wolf Scout. You can store all your patches, belt loops and other small scout items inside.

The pack will provide blue and gold plastic table cloths. Any suggestions for other decorations for our table are welcome (streamers, centerpieces, etc.).

Pinewood Derby

Scouts will soon be receiving their Pinewood Derby car kits. We are working to setup a workshop at Home Depot on March 4th so that we can work on our cars together and avoid buying lots of tools. The actual race is on Saturday morning, March 25th. If you’ve never seen a Pinewood Derby before there are lots and lots of videos on YouTube to watch.

Winners of the Pack Derby move up to compete at the District level. For this reason it’s important that your car be “legal” according to the District rules. Hobby Works in Rockville and the Scout Shop have a lot of accessories and knowledgeable employees, but please make sure you’re following the rules.

Additional Pinewood Derby kits should be available for purchase for siblings and if not are $3.99 at the Scout Shop.  There will be sibling-built car races and possibly parent-built car races as well.

Den Website, Glow Golf, Snack and Helpers, Blue and Gold Banquet

Den Website

I have been keeping the emails I have been sending on a Den Website. I am removing any personal or private information from the public posts and promise to never post any photos or names of scouts. One nice thing about the site is that it has a Den Calendar which updates automatically from Scoutbook. You can quickly pull this page up without logging in. Certain details will only be in Scoutbook, but will be included in Reminder Emails.

I am also working on getting Pack Events entered into the Scoutbook Pack Calendar so that we can stop using Scoutlander. My goal is to keep things as easy as possible for parents.

Glow Golf

Our next den event is Glow Golf on Sunday, January 15 at 1pm. I will use our den budget to cover the cost for the scouts. There is an RSVP in Scoutbook and you will get a couple of reminder emails with full details. This event will finish up Running with the Pack for several scouts.

Snacks and Helpers

We have 7 den meetings left this school year. I am looking for volunteers to bring snack and help running the meetings. I figure each family could take a turn for a meeting. It would help to have a second person “in charge” at each meeting so that when I am helping one set of boys we can keep any eye on the rest. I will make a sign-up sheet for the next meeting, for which I already had a volunteer (please remind me who you were, thanks!).

Blue and Gold Banquet

The Blue and Gold Banquet is a birthday parting for Scouting which takes place every year, usually in February. The Boy Scouts of America turns 107 this year! This year’s Banquet is on Friday, February 10th and takes the place of the usual Pack Meeting. The pack is planning on providing pizza. Each den will be responsible for some portion of the additional food or supplies. I will let you know exactly what as soon as I know. At the next den meeting we will work on centerpieces and other decorations for the tables.

Popcorn & Scout Sunday

Our Assistant Cubmaster just sent out an email asking families to contribute $60 if they did not have a chance to participate in popcorn sales. I want to be the first to apologize if any of you were confused by the popcorn process. We had many new scouts this year and it was not always clear what to do, even for me. The deadline reminders seemed to be emailed before I had even figured out what to do.

It was calculated that each scout would sell on average $200 of popcorn, and many did or exceeded this goal. But there are other opportunities for helping the pack besides opening your checkbook, so please keep reading.

“The Pack Runs on Popcorn”

Our pack budget calculates each scout will raise a certain amount of money through fundraising. The budget is what we need to keep things going (camping, den supplies, badges, pack activities, etc.). We share the proceeds of the popcorn sales with the Council, so the pack receives about 30% of the retail price of each popcorn item. Now you see where the $60 request came from. Online sales are year-round and have a 50% commission back to the pack so you can still help through online sales.

Camp Cards

We will have another fundraiser in the new year called Camp Cards. These are cards that sell for $5 and have many coupons on them, including a $5 off supermarket coupon which I believe will be for Safeway.  With one coupon alone the net cost to the purchaser is 0. The pack makes a 50% commission. The coupons are good until 12/31/2017, and many families simply buy $100 worth of the cards and use them to buy their groceries.

Ways to Contribute $60 to the Pack

  • Sell $120 in popcorn online
  • Sell 24 Camp Cards
  • Some combination of the first two
  • Write a check

Scout Sunday

You should have received a reminder about Scout Sunday which is not until February 26th, from Scoutbook. I know this a long way off, but we are trying to get an early count so we can order patches. This a voluntary event. All are welcome, but please do not feel obligated or pressured to participate if you are not of the Catholic faith.