Digging in the Past

The theme for the February 15th Den Meeting is Digging in the Past. The Meeting Plans are here. Once again I am pulling stuff from all three meeting plans to fulfill the new requirements, which are a bit easier. Since we are making a food, please let me know if there any allergies to the ingredients and we can probably change the recipe. The edible fossil layers will also be our snack!

We will be receiving the Camp Cards from our Committee Chair. I am attaching files about the program to this post. Any unsold cards should be returned to me or the Chair before May so that the Council will not charge us for them.

2017 Camp Card FAQs  Boy Scout Talking Points

This meeting is going to be jam-packed with crafting activities! This is the last meeting before the Blue and Gold Banquet so we will also be working on the decorations for that. I will be taking the boxes for the Blue & Gold banquet back so that we will be sure to have them to display them.


  1.  Play a game that demonstrates your knowledge of dinosaurs, such as a dinosaur match game.
  2. Create an imaginary dinosaur. Share with your den its name, what it eats, and where it lives.
  3. Complete one of the following:
    1. Make a fossil cast. 
    2. Make a dinosaur dig. Be a paleontologist, and dig through a dinosaur dig made by another member of your den. Show and explain the ways a paleontologist works carefully during a dig.
  4. Make edible fossil layers. Explain how this snack is a good model for the formation of fossils.


  • Gathering Activity: Dinosaur Matching Game
  • Opening
  • Decorate boxes for Blue & Gold Banquet
    • Stickers
  • Make a fossil cast
  • Create imaginary dinosaurs
  • Edible Fossil Layers
    • Clear plastic cups with an inch of jello at the bottom
      • Put some animal crackers into the jello
      • Graham Cracker crumbs
      • Chocolate pudding with more animal crackers
    • Plastic Spoons
  • Closing
Source: http://greenforecast.com/what-is-the-geologic-time-scale/