Blue and Gold Banquet, Pinewood Derby

 Blue and Gold Banquet

The Blue and Gold Banquet date has been changed to Friday, February 17th. We will begin setup at 6pm and the event will officially start at 7pm. The pack has decided to provide full catering and dessert, so our only job as a den is to decorate our tables and impress everyone.

I have painted papier-mâché boxes for each scout and we will finish decorating them at a Den Meeting. It has the Wolf badge on top and my hope is that it will serve as a reminder in years to come of your year as a Wolf Scout. You can store all your patches, belt loops and other small scout items inside.

The pack will provide blue and gold plastic table cloths. Any suggestions for other decorations for our table are welcome (streamers, centerpieces, etc.).

Pinewood Derby

Scouts will soon be receiving their Pinewood Derby car kits. We are working to setup a workshop at Home Depot on March 4th so that we can work on our cars together and avoid buying lots of tools. The actual race is on Saturday morning, March 25th. If you’ve never seen a Pinewood Derby before there are lots and lots of videos on YouTube to watch.

Winners of the Pack Derby move up to compete at the District level. For this reason it’s important that your car be “legal” according to the District rules. Hobby Works in Rockville and the Scout Shop have a lot of accessories and knowledgeable employees, but please make sure you’re following the rules.

Additional Pinewood Derby kits should be available for purchase for siblings and if not are $3.99 at the Scout Shop.  There will be sibling-built car races and possibly parent-built car races as well.