Den Website, Glow Golf, Snack and Helpers, Blue and Gold Banquet

Den Website

I have been keeping the emails I have been sending on a Den Website. I am removing any personal or private information from the public posts and promise to never post any photos or names of scouts. One nice thing about the site is that it has a Den Calendar which updates automatically from Scoutbook. You can quickly pull this page up without logging in. Certain details will only be in Scoutbook, but will be included in Reminder Emails.

I am also working on getting Pack Events entered into the Scoutbook Pack Calendar so that we can stop using Scoutlander. My goal is to keep things as easy as possible for parents.

Glow Golf

Our next den event is Glow Golf on Sunday, January 15 at 1pm. I will use our den budget to cover the cost for the scouts. There is an RSVP in Scoutbook and you will get a couple of reminder emails with full details. This event will finish up Running with the Pack for several scouts.

Snacks and Helpers

We have 7 den meetings left this school year. I am looking for volunteers to bring snack and help running the meetings. I figure each family could take a turn for a meeting. It would help to have a second person “in charge” at each meeting so that when I am helping one set of boys we can keep any eye on the rest. I will make a sign-up sheet for the next meeting, for which I already had a volunteer (please remind me who you were, thanks!).

Blue and Gold Banquet

The Blue and Gold Banquet is a birthday parting for Scouting which takes place every year, usually in February. The Boy Scouts of America turns 107 this year! This year’s Banquet is on Friday, February 10th and takes the place of the usual Pack Meeting. The pack is planning on providing pizza. Each den will be responsible for some portion of the additional food or supplies. I will let you know exactly what as soon as I know. At the next den meeting we will work on centerpieces and other decorations for the tables.