Howling at the Moon

Happy New Year! We are right back into Cub Scout things this week with a Den Meeting and a Pack Meeting.

Several of the boys in our Den are nearly done with their Wolf Rank requirements. This should not discourage anyone, as there is still plenty of time left to finish the required belt loops by May. Please contact me if you need help understanding a requirement or coming up with a way to fulfill it.

The theme for the first January Den Meeting is Howling at the Moon. The Meeting Plans are here.


  1. Show you can communicate in at least two different ways.
  2. Work with your den or family to create an original skit.
  3. Work together with your den or family to plan, prepare, and
    rehearse a campfire program to present at a den meeting or pack program.
  4. Perform your role for a den meeting or pack program.

For part of Requirement 1 we will learn the American Sign Language for “Do Your Best.” Some of you may have already watched the various videos on how to do this and can hopefully help us out on this.

For Requirement 2, start talking to your scout about how we can make a funny and age-appropriate skit using the format below. The original skit(s), along with a few classic scout skits and jokes will make up our program. If there is time during the Pack Meeting we may perform one of these skits there as well.

Den Skit Planning Sheet

Theme (or the story’s message):
Skit title:
Number of actors (total number of the Scouts in den):

Briefly describe what happens as each part this outline is played out in the skit.
Note: Keep it simple. Keep it short (three to five minutes). Keep it in good taste.

A Scout (or a group of Scouts) wants something:

The Scout (or group) starts to reach that goal:

Obstacles stand in the way:

The Scout (or group) uses knowledge to achieve the goal: