Popcorn & Scout Sunday

Our Assistant Cubmaster just sent out an email asking families to contribute $60 if they did not have a chance to participate in popcorn sales. I want to be the first to apologize if any of you were confused by the popcorn process. We had many new scouts this year and it was not always clear what to do, even for me. The deadline reminders seemed to be emailed before I had even figured out what to do.

It was calculated that each scout would sell on average $200 of popcorn, and many did or exceeded this goal. But there are other opportunities for helping the pack besides opening your checkbook, so please keep reading.

“The Pack Runs on Popcorn”

Our pack budget calculates each scout will raise a certain amount of money through fundraising. The budget is what we need to keep things going (camping, den supplies, badges, pack activities, etc.). We share the proceeds of the popcorn sales with the Council, so the pack receives about 30% of the retail price of each popcorn item. Now you see where the $60 request came from. Online sales are year-round and have a 50% commission back to the pack so you can still help through online sales.

Camp Cards

We will have another fundraiser in the new year called Camp Cards. These are cards that sell for $5 and have many coupons on them, including a $5 off supermarket coupon which I believe will be for Safeway.  With one coupon alone the net cost to the purchaser is 0. The pack makes a 50% commission. The coupons are good until 12/31/2017, and many families simply buy $100 worth of the cards and use them to buy their groceries.

Ways to Contribute $60 to the Pack

  • Sell $120 in popcorn online
  • Sell 24 Camp Cards
  • Some combination of the first two
  • Write a check

Scout Sunday

You should have received a reminder about Scout Sunday which is not until February 26th, from Scoutbook. I know this a long way off, but we are trying to get an early count so we can order patches. This a voluntary event. All are welcome, but please do not feel obligated or pressured to participate if you are not of the Catholic faith.