Running with the Pack

If you missed last night’s meeting I will re-cap what was done so you can work with your son on the Running with the Pack Activities. All the boys are on track to earn their Wolf Rank by the Blue and Gold Banquet in February. If you need help filling in or understanding missing requirements, please let me know! Remember, the whole program revolves around the motto of “do your best.” So if you feel that your son did his best at a requirement that’s good enough.

Scoutbook has now been updated with the 2016 requirements, but if you already started an Adventure Loop with the 2015 requirements you have to keep using those. If you are skipping or modifying a 2015 item, just enter a note explaining you followed the 2016 requirements. EDIT: This may not be the case, it’s possible that I was seeing a bug for a particular case where a retired requirement was already completed.


  1. Play catch with someone in your den or family who is standing 5 steps away from you. Play until you can throw and catch successfully at this distance. Take a step back and see if you can improve your throwing and catching skills.
  2. Practice balancing as you walk forward, backward, and sideways.
  3. Practice flexibility and balance by doing a front roll, a back roll, and a frog stand.
  4. Play a sport or game with your den or family, and show good sportsmanship.
  5. Do at least two of the following: frog leap, inchworm walk, kangaroo hop, or crab walk.
  6. Demonstrate what it means to eat a balanced diet by helping to plan a healthy menu for a meal for your den or family. Make a shopping list of the food used to prepare the meal.

We pretty much did all the activities in both Meeting Plans including the under the broom and skin the snake games. This finished requirements 1,2 and 5. I gave out the My Plate packet linked here to help with requirement 6 to be done at home.

Please do the rolls for requirement 3 at home on a cleaner and softer floor 🙂

For requirement 4 the boys unanimously decided to play Glow Golf.  Details on when and where omitted from this public post.

The Wreaths Across America project would be a great way to fulfill Requirement 2 for Council Fire. The weather is looking like it will be not so great, so dress for cold, mud and rain! You can substitute any school, scout or religious organization service project for this. The important part is for the scout to play an active role in running the project (e.g. by handing out and collecting bags for a food drive).