Some Easy Ways to Fulfill Wolf Rank requirements

Now that I have had some time to review the revised requirements I realize that everything has been done to make things easier. Some requirements have been made optional, and other things that previously had to be done as a den can now be done with your family.

Scoutbook is in the process of being updated, and additional developers have been hired to get this done as quickly as possible. However, Scoutbook still shows the old requirements. If you’re skipping a requirement simply make a note but go ahead and check it off as completed (for now).

I wanted to pass along the following thoughts on how to get some of the requirements done as easily as possible, especially for those who have missed a few of the Pack activities.


Call of the Wild

  • For 1 the Outdoor Activity could be the Billy Goat Trail hike the pack went on, so I’ve marked that off for the scouts who came. Since this can now be done as a family, I would pick the next nice sunny weekend day and go on a hike! Also fulfills Paws on the Path 5.

Council Fire / Duty to Country

  • For 2 the Service Project could be the upcoming Wreath Event at Arlington Cemetery. I got the names of the scouts who participated in Scouting for Food, so I have marked this off for those boys.

Duty to God

  • For 4 ask your son if he read a story around Thanksgiving about the Pilgrims and how they came to America for religious freedom. If not, you could easily find one online or at the library.

Howling at the Moon

  • For 1 learn how to say the Cub Scout Motto in American Sign Language (ASL). Here is a site with videos that shows you how.

Paws on the Path

  • For 1, see if your scout remembers the six scouting essentials (whistle, sunscreen, trail food, flashlight, water bottle, first aid kit) and bring those when…
  • For 5, pick a sunny winter day and go on a 1-mile hike!

Air of the Wolf

  • For 2E the boys made and raced Raingutter Regatta boats and I have marked off those who did.

Cyber Chip

  • This is watching 2 videos and playing an online game. Then talk with your son about what he learned.