New Wolf Requirements Effective December 1st

The Boy Scouts of America have simplified the requirements for the Wolf Badge and various Adventure Loops. The new requirements are here. The attached document will supersede the handbook going forward. I am assuming Scoutbook will reflect these changes.

The BSA made this move because many boys and families were having a difficult time with the new requirements and not advancing. Until 2015 the Wolf Program was basically the same program I did in 1984. In fact the handbook and requirements had not changed much since the 1960s and was hilariously outdated. For example, there was an item “Visit an office that uses computers.” You could pick and choose your items from a very long list. This meant you could easily advance without going camping, for example.

In 2015 this all changed, and families were having trouble fitting it all in within a school year with things like camping now required. The requirements are changed so that difficult items should no longer hold your son back.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to working you and your families on these revised “adventures.”