Epic Life Quest

I am arriving somewhat late to the Epic Life Quest party, but I thought I would create one and I am starting kind of small with things that I think could reasonably be achieved within the next 6 months.

I have already done things and traveled places that many people would be jealous of. This is more about setting goals, and wow it’s much more fun to set your own personal and career goals than to be forced to do it at work for your performance review.

Career Goals

  • Achieve a 100 Reputation on a StackExchange site. I have a colleague with >6000. George Stocker has a billion. I should be able to get to 100, right? I have never gotten far because I need to focus on writing good, focused questions and clear answers. I can’t be like a politician and respond with a rehearsed speech that doesn’t actually answer the question.
  • Blog at least 12x this year. If only I could finish all those drafts, this would be done easily. As a working grad student I missed all of Lost doing school work in the spare bedroom. This goal would take far less time.
  • Attend 3 SQL Saturdays. I am planning to attend Richmond, Baltimore and Philadelphia in the next 6 months.

Health Goals

  • Lose 10% of my body weight. This is a repeatable milestone. At one point I weighed so much less than I do now that no one recognized me. Over the last few years I have gained all that weight back.
  • Exercise 3.5 hours every week. This is based on the idea that I should get 30 minutes a day of strenuous cardio, which is easy with a treadmill in my basement and a million episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation on Amazon Prime.

Financial Goals

  • Reduce my credit card debt to [REDACTED]. This is another repeatable thing. The 2013 government shutdown and a few job changes have left me in a hole that I would rather not be in. I realize I can’t dig my way out overnight, but eventually the redacted number will be a 0.

 Family Goals

  • Play a non-electronic game with my family every week. This is always so much fun and getting the whole family around the table for an hour after dinner should not be so hard.
  • Help Jennifer learn programming. My wife is looking to re-invent herself in a technology-oriented career after watching the traditional paper government publishing business seriously shrink in our current budget environment. She is attending PyCon next month and has already gone to a few code training events for women. There is even an Indie GoGo campaign to help her and others pay for the travel to Montreal.

Recent Achievements

Things I have already achieved in the last 6 months that have been super helpful:

  • I started using LastPass. I did this in response to the PASS password snafu and it has changed my life. So much peace of mind and now I look forward to creating yet another online account. Would you believe I already have 94 sites in there?
  • I signed up for CleanTalk on this blog.  It’s amazing how quickly the spam about Coach Bags accumulates if you leave WordPress alone.
  • Volunteered at SQL Saturday DC. I moved so many tables and my back hurt so much at the end of the day, but it felt good to be contributing to a great event. The obvious next step would be to present at a SQL Saturday (Look I wrote that down, are you happy now?).

Things to Keep Up

  • GTD and Inbox Zero, adding the higher altitudes so I can keep my sights on longer term goals
  • Using my ScanSnap more and eliminating more paper

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  1. I am just notarian at Stack. I have accomplished 0 on that particular goal, along with blogging. I have done well with the others.

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